The Uniflite Library on Facebook contains over 600MB of full color, high resolution images of original Uniflite brochures, original price lists, original marketing material and other company literature,  including...

All images on the CDROM were scanned at high resolution (16 million colors) at 300 or 600dpi then "tweaked" for maximum clarity.  What does that mean?  Crystal clear colors, clarity and exceptional detail..

Great News!!  -  The contents of the Uniflite CD are now available at NO CHARGE on the Uniflite Facebook page.  They are located in the “Photos” section.   Enjoy!!!!

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Original Brochures - from 14' to 66'.  Including... 14' Runabout, 17' Express, 17' Runabout, 17' Hardtop, 17' Convertible, 19' Express, 20' Cruiser, 23' Cruiser, 26' Sport Sedan, 27' Express, 28' Mega, 28' Salty Dog, 31' Cruiser, 32' Sport Sedan, 34' Convertible, 34' Sport Sedan, 36' Double Cabin, 36' Sport Sedan, 36' Sport Fisherman, 37' Coastal Cruiser, 38' Convertible, 41' Yacht Fisherman, 42' Convertible, 42' Double Cabin, 46' Motor Yacht, 48' Convertible, 48' Double Cabin, 48' Yacht Fisherman, 58'/66' Combo (Fishing Boat - Very rare!!)

"The Uniflite Way" - My personal favorite piece of Uniflite info.  It is a 12 page document describing the methods and practices used to construct Uniflite boats. 

Contains numerous photographs and detailed descriptions from fiberglass lay-up to completion.

Published in 1973.

"Uniflite Facilities - Capabilities" - Complete 16 page marketing brochure describing the plant and manufacturing process.   Excellent!!  Includes description and photographs of Uniflites used in the Vietnam War and other specialized Navy models.

"Uniflite Prices - Price list of all models (above) with and without optional power plants.

"Uniflite Marketing materials, advertisements, articles etc." - Lots of interesting original articles and clippings!.

"Uniflite Dealer Kit (1967)

60 Pages of detailed product information, specifications, prices, photographs and much more.  This is the largest and most complete Uniflite material available.

Detailed photographs and specifications of all 1967 models including the 20' Cruiser, 23' Cruiser, 23' SF Open, 23' SF Hardtop, 27' Cruiser, 27' Sport Hardtop, 31' Cruiser and 36' Cruiser.

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